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Newberg, OR 97132
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Real estate is an adventure. Whether you are buying your first starter home, seeking out that perfect vacation getaway, selling the home you grew up in, or anything in between, I make it my goal to ensure your adventure is the best it can be. Communication is very critical, as I partner with my clients, listening to their needs, providing quick followup and guidance as needed. With my background in residential construction and computer science, and knowledge of the real estate industry, my expertise is at your disposal to answer questions you may have along the way. Having lived in Oregon all of my life, I know the area. This is home to me, and I am always excited to help others achieve their dream in Real Estate, wherever that dream may take them!

- Mitch
They call me:
I am:
Honest, energetic, ready to work for you!
Most Memorable Challenge:
Cascade Cycling Classic.
Perfect Day:
Sunny, 80 degrees.
First Job:
Bike shop mechanic.
Preferred Super Power:
Time travel!
My family.
Summa is:
The best there is in Real Estate.
Favorite local neighborhood:
Old Mill District.


Bend is the perfect city in so many ways! The size of the city, the friendly people, the weather, all the activities, and the beauty of the surroundings make Bend the best place in the world!